Last Update October 2006

Welcome to my Personal Photo Website!

I will be regularly adding digital photos to this site, mainly from my digital video camera.In keeping with the title, a lot of shots will be of Switzerland, but also from other countries. Occasionally I'll also scan in some prints and negatives from my film cameras (Olympus OM2, Konica T Proof, and my Mamiya RZ67) when I think it's worth the extra effort (and quality). I have a large and varied collection of photos on film. Even if it is becoming old technology, I find the colour quality better than digital. For the wild and wacky - I suggest you visit Creative Corner, where my Photoshop manipulated images are held.

I do work on request, can scan photos to request/order, depending upon your needs.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have capturing them and putting them on my website.

Photo of the month - Fasnacht 2007!

DVD videos and still photos available.

DVD scene selection Zug photo selection Luzern photo selection

© All photos are copyright of Han van Loon. However I allow a form of creative commons licence for private use. Please note that images have been compressed from higher resolution images to reduce download times. If you would like to use these images for private (NOT commercial) purposes, please email me to tell me what you found worth copying or liked looking at.

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