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Rigi is called 'The Queen of the Mountains' and is located in central Switzerland, south and east of Luzerne. It is a fairly long ridge line with several peaks. The highest point is about 1800m, quite low by Swiss mountain standards, but the views are excellent. It has the Zugersee to the east, and the Vierwaldstattersee to the north and west. I climbed/walked up it from Goldau (just beyond Arth in the first photo) in 2005 and 2006, accompanying a stout Bundnerlanderman (he came from Gruabunden and was in his mid 70s).

Early morning mist on the Zugersee, looking south towards the village of Arth.

Two railways scale Rigi. One from Arth Goldau in the east, the other from Vitznau in the west. They meet at Rigi Staffel and Rigi Kulm (the peak).


Right: Looking east by the northern ridge to Rigi Kulm.

Another view up Rigi to Rigi Kulm.

The ridge line follows an escarpment facing north, dropping away precipitously to the town of Kussnacht am Rigi.

Looking down the same ridge line to Rigi Staffel and the lake Vierwaldstattersee in the distance.

As you approach Rigi Kulm from the railway, the above sign guides the 'young and fit' up the steep path, and the 'old and slow' up an easier path to Rigi Kulm.


View from Rigi Kulm to Pilatus, Luzerne and Vierwaldstattersee.

View from Rigi Kulm, eastward to Arth on the Zugersee.

The small barn in the lower foreground is part of  high alpine farm (only used in the summer season), uses a cable lift to re-supply.

Above: Chasserenholzhutte (literally burnt wood hut).

Right: View over Rigi Kulmhutte towards Schwyz and Hoch Fulen (part of 'inner Switzerland').

Farm near Kussnacht am Rigi.

The patterns in the land follow the contours of the hill and are caused by the grazing cattle and sheep.

View from near Chasserenhutte looking southwest.

The high mountains with snow on them in the background include Titlis with its glacier (over 3000m).

View from Kanzli on the northwest side of Rigi, looking towards Pilatus and Viewwaldstattersee.
View from near Kaltbad (literally 'cold bath') one of the villages on Rigi, looking down the track to Romiti (and Vitznau just visible on the lake).

The nearer rock face on the left is part of Rigi Dossen, one of several peaks on Rigi.

Above Vitznau train and ferry ship station.

Right: Luxury hotel near Vitznau.

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