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The Picture gallery consists of images from Lugano and surroundings on lake Lugano in the south of Switzerland. This part of Switzerland democratically seceded from Italy in the 1800s to become part of the Swiss federation. Italian territory extends from northeast, through the south to the northwest from Lugano. A small finger of Swiss land extends down from the Gotthard pass and Bellinzona (Tessine Canton capital)  to just beyond Lugano (Chiasso), before entering Italy. Italian is the native language of residents in this part of the Tessine.

The peak of San Salvatore and the city of Lugano on lake Lugano, seen from Monte Bre.


Morning view of Lugano from Paradiso.
Art nouveau arcade in the old town in Lugano.

Elaborate frieze above the main entry to the Lugano post office.

Lugano town fountain
Looking down one of the alleyways in the old town in Lugano.





The Salami shop...

Along the Lugano lakefront is this recreation of the church of San Carlo di Quattro Fontaine di Roma.

This shot was taken in late afternoon light, when we first visited Lugano while staying in Savosa at the comfortable Youth hostel there.

With my parents, we had to be the oldest youths in residence!



Close-up showing the elaborate wooden layers used to make the Chiesa di San Carlo.


The recreation is made of tens of thousands of wooden pieces.


View from the Parco Paradiso towards Monte Bre and the eastern hills leading to Italy.

Halfway along the eastern arm of the lake, Swiss territory becomes Italien territory, complete with customs station.

View from the Parco Paradiso of Villa Paradiso and the hills behind Monte Bre.

The villa is a private residence in the Italian medieval renaissance style, similar to what I have seen in Firenze. In this case the setting is more dramatic. 

Parco Civico along the shores of Lake Lugano.

The leaning tree in front of the building is still growing.

Statue at Paradiso ferry terminal.

Lugano sculpture park.

This park has approximately 20 works in the modern and post-modern styles.

More statues in the sculpture park alongside lake Lugano.


More sculptures from the 

Lugano lakefront sculpture park.

Italian Pedallos (Forse) at the lakefront in Lugano.

These machines are quite old and feature a propeller plane style front.


View from the peak of San Salvatore looking east across lake Lugano to Monte Bre and beyond to Italy.
Sunset from San Salvatore.

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