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The photos of Basel Stadt cover both Grosse Basel (south of the river, the large town), and Kleine Basel (north of the river and surrounded by Germany).


Mid morning in February 2001 just after a snowfall overnight.

The houses are on a hill called Leonhardsberg.



St Albans Muhlegraben. 

One of the few parts of the old Basel city walls that is still intact.

The city had 5 or 6 main gates into the medieval city, now the only remains are several gate towers and this wall at St Albans Tal.

The wall end alongside the Rhine river (behind me).

Left: St Albans Tal (near Rhine river) looking up to St Albans Tor, one of the five gates of medieval Basel.

Right: St Albans Tor.



The Burgers of Calais by Rodin.

They stand in the entrance to the Basel Art Museum (with the burgers of Basel in the background).

Graben at Wettsteinbrucke. These houses face south to St Alban, the back facing the Wettsteinbrucke (bridge) left of shot.

This snake statue was at the base of the wall right.



This fierce Griffen protects the city shield of Basel, with the Bishophric staff on the shield.

Basel Stadt is one of at least four Swiss cantons with the Bishop's staff as part of their shield (others include Basel Land, Jura and Neuchatel)

Base of statue outside the Theordors Kirche on the Kleine Basel end of the Wettsteinbrucke.
Couple at wedding party.

In the Bürgerlisches Wassenhaus next to Theodors kirche.

I don't think they were the couple who just got married!


Right: On the other side of two at Spalenberg. The Condomeria shop (no guesses what they sell).Composite closeup showing some of the product on display in the shop window. Like the elephant trunk on the left..

Left: Take a Seat! Kleine Basel.

House window on Spalenberg in the late afternoon.
Two sides of Munzgasse.

The funky young people shop selling modern apliances, and the antiquarian bookshop.

Part of the compass and map display in another Munzgasse shop.



Fountain figures on Rheinsprung near Augustinerstrasse.

The dragon holding the Basel shield is at the top of the fountain.

All the fountains (there are many) in Basel are still used to deliver fresh water into the city.

Courtyard outside St Martins kirche, just off the Rheinsprung.

The statue is another figurine on top of a fountain.

Looking to Kleine Basel from the Mittlerebrucke.

This is the oldest bridge in Basel and the most central, and therefore popular with pedestrians. The statue is of a female warrior or guardian (she has a spear and shield behind her). 


Statue of mother figure in gardens at Schutzenhaus, west of Basel Stadt.


Right:    Flower lights in a shop in Grosse Basel.



Ornate old style gate at the Staats Arkiv (State library). Designed as a sort of barb wire effect to stop the peasants climbing the fence and gate... 

The three lands corner where Switzerland, Germany and France meet.

The silvery needle represents the 3 coutries, but the actual point is mid-stream.

Last point of Switzerland on the Rhine. 

Left: Lloyds Tasting factory in Spalenberg.


Right: Zum Kirchbaum (under the Cherry Tree) in Spalenberg.

The Swiss love Cows!

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