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Last Update 22 Dez 2001

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Basel Fasnacht Lanterns 2002

Morgenstraich 2002

'Keep smiling' lantern.

The small diamonds are lanterns on top of the picolo players masks.

Traditionally at Morgenstraich the bands have lanterns on their heads

The character in the back is not complaining about the Marijuana lantern in front, but rather the former Miss Texas and partner of the Ambassador to Germany (Shawne Fielding).

Thumbs Up - but for What?

The Dalai Lama and friends

One for pension funds..

Lanterns worn on top of the head

Place cursor over image to detailed opposite

This float (front and back on left) was focused on the destruction of the natural environment


Monkeys, and monkeying around seemed to be popular this year... and Lara Croft

(Moorhuhn is struck)

The 'refreshing' lantern has the monkeys sniffing each other's arses (see picture underneath by putting mouse over picture for reason - genetics). Hmmm... ganz egal!

Monkeying around on the rhine

Delightful 'bloody deathhead' associated with the genetics float.

Basel - 500 years as a city


The Spalen Clique is one of the largest groups involved in the Fasnacht and is 75 years old.


Another church figure in trouble.....

Youth protest


This years most popular subject was Shawne Fielding - the former Miss Texas and partner to the Ambassador to Germany (seems she made some slightly risque photos wearing flowers..... Unfortunately I don't have the actual pictures... Who's the puppet here?



The joker and death again...


Swiss 'Rubic's cube' lantern Each layer could be changed.

CNN as a Vulture.........

The Basel Vogelgriff with some merry 'Baselers'

Another lantern on genetic engineering - Doctor with Dolly.....

(See bands page for daytime view)

What is the Shell Oil symbol used for now!.

No comment


A nice homely image.....

A not so homely image.....

When you notice that you are travelling on a dead horse, get off...... (from a popular german western movie!?)

Last year Dupf club had a hexagonal lantern ..... Is there a theme here....

I think that is Basel Munster in the Lions mouth.

The Dupf club again with a patriotic comment....

See the Bands page for what the players wore.


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