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The EuroSTARS consortium is about innovation in IST.

Research projects are looking at how to apply information system technology and socio-cultural techniques and methodologies in order to improve society and business .

2005: Call 5 for IST and Manufacturing, we submitted a STREP.

AWARE Project

2004: With the latest call for IST and Manufacturing, we are looking at possible future STREPs and IPs with some of our core partners.

MIND-MELD Project proposal underway

A select group of participant keyed to manufacturing are involved in preparing a proposal

The MIND Project IP proposal for 2003 was just pipped at the post. We will look at more opportunities in the future to see if we can make use of the experience within the consortium.

MIND project goes to the hearings! We successfully passed the first selection process. We are presenting the MIND project proposal to the EC on 11th June.

News: Andrey Girenko, Josef Hochgerner and myself presented the MIND project to the Evaluation committee panel for IST in FP6. The hearing went well, we think we may have added a few points to our score (although it is 'unknown' but we have an educated guess).

Han van Loon

The EuroSTARS consortium delivered the MIND project proposal to the EU on time for the 1st call. The proposal details will be available to consortium members upon signature of a NDA.

The EuroSTARS consortium has Expertise Focus Leaders for major areas of expertise relevant to the proposal and Integrated Project. The latest project description is available to active consortium partners.



Han van Loon