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European Union FP6 Expression of Interest

The EU Framework Program no. 6 called for Expressions of Interest in Information Society Technologies.

In the IST section are calls for proposals for eWork, Knowledge Management and Quality Management (amongst others). Based on prior art in the Conceptual Design of STARS, we have submitted an EoI for eWork combined with Knowledge Management. The proposal seeks to integrate the innovative approach used in the STARS concept with web based services to provide virtual teams with a project oriented tool for collaboration and project completion. It will integrate the PEOPLE-PROCESS-PRODUCT approach with the latest techniques for web based services.

STARS is a basis for expanded and novel innovative concepts and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools for assisting networks or clusters of SMEs, MNEs and Universities which are to be researched, developed and evaluated in the MIND project.

Research fields include:

Investigation of eWork concepts and approaches for virtual teams (both within single and across multiple organisations).
An adaptable concept for facilitating eWork and Quality Management for virtual teams.
Principles and methods for coupling eWork, information search and Knowledge Management.
Process models coupled to personal/team value judgement and tailoring.
A tailorable tool to implement the concepts, based on a web services and mobile ICT paradigms.
Coupling of an eWork tool to web based information search tools (Intelligent Agents).
Providing guidance to users and projects based on their desired outcomes (e.g Goal seek).
Application of Knowledge Management to information used and created in the eWork tool.
Use of Knowledge Management to facilitate eWork related learning.

There are 70 partners involved in the project proposal spanning virtually every country in Europe.