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STARS Stage Suggestion Process Model

STARS Webworx incorporates an activity model that expands each Stage task into a series of information units (e.g. inputs, outputs, process steps, assumptions, templates, outcomes) necessary to understand, perform and assess the outcomes of each Stage.

The prototype tool implements several of these as tailored inputs.

The user then marks each item when successfully completed.

Representation of how STARS Stages for a particular STARS Theme are used with Suggestions and an associated process model.

STARS Webworx is being redesigned to provide further functionality and automation.

The STARS Webworx prototype tool captures the Personal STARS Cycle and provides a comprehensive set of editable features, including:

  Attributes for each Stage
  Tasks / Suggestions for each stage
  Inputs for each task
  Outputs for each task
  Assumptions field
  Desired Outcomes
  Information Elements
  Product templates
  Guidance on methods and techniques


The STARS Webworx tool will be extended to allow multiple projects to be managed simultaneously.

The STARS Webworx tool is designed to:

provide a self contained methodology
be tailored for individual projects
link into existing corporate or organizational management systems
allow access to the vast information store that is the Internet in a manageable way

Further evolution will make use of:

Intelligent Agents to allow Goal Seek (State Goals and agents tailor the tool)
Intelligent Agents to search for related information (to what the user is doing) on the Internet
Intelligent Agents to track usage
Intelligent Agents to record metrics
Simplified linkage into existing management system procedures and processes.