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STARS Webworx Concept

STARS Webworx is designed to provide individuals, teams and organizations with the means to generate, explore, analyze and record ideas, concepts, products and activities, and to retrieve knowledge in the context where it can be practically applied.

STARS Webworx is a tool that can provide organizations with the means to set up a tailored work environment to define common goals and collaboration to create effective outcomes. 

STARS Webworx incorporates the STARS concept into a useable tool. This provides a practical activity set that can be used to manage and perform activities. At the same time it can be tailored to suit individual users or team and organization standards.

The STARS Conceptual model comprises 6 Themes with 5 Stages per Theme.

STARS Webworx is a web based tool. It has been designed to be used by: 

single organization
cooperating organizations
virtual organizations

By using a web browser and retaining all information storage on an Internet  server database, users can access the tool from any Internet access location. This also allows multiple users to share access to the tool if so configured. 

It is also designed to allow access to the vast store of information on the world wide web and to allow the user to incorporate this information into the tool 2

STARS Webworx can also be run on Intranets or on individual desktops if privacy or security is paramount.

STARS Webworx uses a project paradigm as the basis for performing activities. Users set up a project within the tool (or alternately use a predefined project template). For each project, the tool can then be used to set specific goals, tailor products and activities to realize specific outcomes. Users can set up multiple projects to be run concurrently. Each project can use the same model, or alternately use different or tailored models.

STARS Webworx has been designed to have enormous flexibility to allow it to scale for small to large projects and teams, and to tailor for specific applications/activities.

STARS Webworx incorporates general management and specific quality management principles, and at the same time provides a very flexible environment in which to plan, perform, review and improve ways to do business.

The tool emphasises the interaction between People - Process and Products.


Note: 1 By virtual organizations, we mean a group or team that is formed to collaborate on a particular project or business that are not physically collocated but share information and activities via the Internet or some other distance communication method. 

2 User should take care with copyright restrictions on information.