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Reach for the STARS

Workshop and seminar participants have asked me to produce a comprehensive guide to STARS and how to use it in everyday business and enterprise situations.

The wait is over. Two books on STARS will be available in August.

Reach for the STARS. Leadership and management in the new millennium. ISBN 0-9758325-0-6 480 pages RRP - US$39.90

Reach for the STARS. Pocket Guidebook. ISBN 0-9758325-1-4 125 pages RRP - US$12.90

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Reach for the STARS by Han van Loon

ISBN 0-9758325-0-6

What reviewers have to say about the books:

"A must read for the 3rd millennium executive."

"A thought provoking insight into management skills for our time."

"I like the Star types - it's fun to compare yourself and your work colleagues to the various types."

"The personal theme is succinct, brilliant and works."

"A clear, structured, interesting and witty book, designed for management."

"The team chapter provides great advice on forming high power teams."

"How to woo staff and get great performance."

"The environmental chapter makes you want to do your bit to help."

"Una herramienta indispensable y de lectura obligada para cualquier Directivo que quiera resolver de manera práctica y elegante problemas empresariales."

"Stars ist ein einzigartiges, an der Praxis orientiertes Buch, das die verschiedenen Disziplinen für ein erfolgreiches Management vereint."

The main book provides descriptions and examples of STARS in use.

The book describes how some people are Stars, and how to copy their successful approach.

It describes the eight STARS themes in detail, covering the personal, team, customer, product, culture, systems, environment and improvement areas. It also describes personal knowledge use, enhancement and management. There is a chapter dedicated to creativity and innovation.

The pocket guidebook provides an abridged version of the eight STARS themes. It will act as a succinct aide-memoir for readers of the main book, while providing a good introduction to readers short of time and interested in learning about STARS.

Both books are lavishly printed with full color photos and illustrations.

A dedicated web site provides more detail and online ordering.