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Evolving STARS

STARS has been designed to continually evolve over time.

By including the Improvement Theme cycle and an explicit Improvement Stage within the basic Personal STARS Theme cycle, it recognizes that evolution is natural and necessary, with Best Practice focused to be beneficial to business and individual users.

STARS started as a conceptual model presented in workshops in response to a need for a more universal, tailorable, teachable concept.

STARS may be seen as a meta model, abstracting management and quality principles into the concept, yet retaining very practical focus Stages.

Evolving Conceptual Model

The STARS Conceptual model has evolved in the Initial STARS workshops and represents the current conceptual model.

The current conceptual model is shown below.

The STARS conceptual model is generic and contains 6 Themes. Each Theme represents one revolution around the STARS model. Each Theme consists of five Stages.

The Themes and Stages are:

Personal STARS Theme


Set Goals








Supply Improvements


Customer STARS Theme


Serve Customer Needs


Test Assumptions


Assess Alternatives


Relate (communicate)


Satisfaction assessed


Product STARS Theme


Select Problem


Tasks planned


Allocate resources


Requirements met




Team STARS Theme


Systems approach




Assign authority


Responsibility and commitment


Supply support


Information STARS Theme

Search for Information

Track progress

Analyze measurements

Record and revise



Cultural STARS Theme


Set cultural standards




Assess cultural dimensions


Reconcile and reinforce positive behavior


Symphonic cooperation


Improvement STARS Theme


Select improvement opportunities


Target setting


Alleviate shortcomings


Reward success


Strive for Excellence

Evolving Products

The first STARS products were a simple Aide-memoir of the STARS Conceptual model and a PowerPoint presentation used for the workshops.

The next STARS product was a simple spreadsheet for recording the information used and produced in each STARS Stage in the Personal STARS Cycle.

This has evolved into the STARS Webworx tool, a web based tool for virtual and real teams working together on projects. The prototype tool captures the Personal STARS Cycle. It can be expanded to allow multiple projects to be run.