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What is STARS?

Welcome to the STARS Website! 

Please note: STARS Concept © and related materials as described on this website is the copyright property of Han van Loon.

STARS has several aspects. We describe them here.

First and foremost STARS embraces a philosophy that believes that people want to excel in their endeavors and enjoy doing so.

Secondly STARS is an approach to management (including Quality Management), that goes beyond the strict interpretation of any particular Quality Standard or fixed approach. It describes the personal, practical aspects associated with quality principles. It covers the 3 P's essential to any productive activity: People-Process-Product. It is described in the STARS Conceptual Model (See Evolving STARS).

Thirdly STARS provides a prototype management tool to allow people to work in virtual teams using a web based toolset. This tool is called STARS Webworx and is available on this server. STARS Webworx provides sets of practical activities, product templates, performance measures, etc. to ease users in implementing their desired STARS approach. STARS Webworx has been designed to be tailored to suit the way you, your team or organization works, and to capture what you decide is important. STARS Webworx also harnesses the information power of the web and points to resources that can be useful to you.

Fourthly STARS provides a learning environment, both through workshops and the use of the STARS Webworx tool. The tool is designed to build on the experience of the users to provide better ways of working and managing. The tool is used to capture you and your team's learning experience by adapting the tool to capture Best Practice within your organization or team and allows you to share this with other teams and organizations.

Finally STARS recognizes that people who excel should be rewarded for their efforts. People can be or can become STARS by their own efforts, your team can become guiding STARS to others in your organization. The STARS concept therefore includes a variety of STARS branded products to use to motivate and reward individuals, groups and teams who strive to excel.  

On this site you will find a variety of resources that can help you start your journey to the STARS.

We are ready to help you design a tailored STARS solution to suit you and your organization. Please feel welcome to contact us. 

I trust you will find this site informative and welcome your feedback.

Best regards Han van Loon

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