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Publications and Conferences

The following are a selection of papers from conferences and published articles.

3rd World Congress for Software Quality 2005

The Mature Approach to Agility.

SPICE 2005

Surveying the status of culture, knowledge management and maturity.

A Risk based approach to setting Target Profiles for Software of various Safety Criticality.

QUATIC2004 Porto Portugal

I was asked by the organising committee to present at QUATIC2004 as the main invited speaker.

I also was involved in a panel discussion on Managing Information Technology, and gave a tutorial on STARS to an enthusiastic audience.

Organisational Maturity and Assessment

SPICE 2004 Lisbon, Portugal

Two individual and one team papers accepted:

eXtreme Programming versus Process Assessment

Process Improvement and culture

Also co-author on Reuse of Pre-Developed Software and Process Assessment study for ESA. PAPDS

Invited panelist for the conference closing panel on the future of SPICE.

SPICE2003. ESTEC. Noordwijk Netherlands

SPiCE for SPACE and Risk for Space tutorials.

Presented a paper on Reuse and SPiCE for SPACE

ISPE 2003. Madeira International Society for Production Engineering and Concurrent Engineering Conference

I was invited as a Track Chairman and coordinator.

It was a 3 session Track in Conference on "Business and virtual project teams in dynamic collaborative networks". Proceeding published under Concurrent Engineering. ISBN 90 5809 625 4.

Two papers published in proceedings: one on STARS - virtual teams, and co-author for "ICT and E-Work in European SMEs", authored by Patrizio di Nicola.

ICSE 2002 Paris, France

From STARS to eWork and Beyond


Applying SPICE SPICE is not just a FLAvour of the month

Software Engineering Australia 

Presentation and Proceedings of the 1997 Conference

Australian Quality Congress 

Presentation and Proceedings of the 1998 Conference co-hosted by the American Society for Quality (Western division) and the Australian Organization for Quality.

SPICE2000. Limerick, Ireland June 2000

Presentation and Proceedings of the 2000 Conference

Han has spoken at several other local, national (Australian) and International conferences on Project Management, Technology Transfer, Quality and SPICE. This includes Software Quality Association (South Australia) meetings, Australian Organization for Quality meetings including the Annual Awards dinner, Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) meetings, and the Australian Software Engineering Institute.


STARS - A concept for Virtual Project Teams

STARS of Quality Management

An early SPICE Experience - American Society for Quality

The Audit is Dead - Long Live Assessment

Australian Organisation for Quality - SPICE

From Formality to Agility

Agility in projects

Process Assessment and Software Reuse

Software Outsourcing


STARS Webworx Guide

From STARS to eWork and Beyond

eWork, Knowledge Management and Beyond


Amatil - Strategic Management

ATA - Information Systems and Information Technology

Contemporary People Management

AG Limited - emarketing

ESA and Environmental management


The following are excerpts from articles published in magazines.

American Society for Quality - Quality Progress


The article describes how the STARS Concept was developed through a series of workshops in a leading high technology software company.

Specifically it covers:

The overall aim of the concept

The evolution of the concept

Benefits in training people

Results of the workshops

Staff were interactively involved in formulating basic principles to achieve quality outcomes and from this were led to consider the company's culture and approach to management in general, including quality management.

The article describes the status of SPICE (ISO15504) in 1997-1998.

SPICE is a process assessment model that provides measurement and improvement opportunities for a software oriented organization.

The model is an International collaborative effort with major contributions from the European Software Institute, the Software Engineering Institute (USA) and the Software Quality Institute (Australia). 

The article also describes our experiences in adopting and performing SPICE assessments within CelsiusTech Australia, and how we adapted the assessment process to provide major improvement benefits.

Our feedback was used to further improve the evolving standard.


Australian Organization for Quality

Quality Magazine

The article introduces the new assessment paradigm offered by SPICE (ISO15504).

It does so in a wider context, proposing three dimensions (and associated standards) of Quality: 

Industry Best Practice

Process Capability

Customer Quality

These dimensions do not always lead to concurrent outcomes.

It argues that for software development organizations the applicability and value of traditional Quality Audits is at best ineffective, and at worst counter-productive.

By way of self assessment, it suggests that the ineffective independent audit approach is discarded and a more effective approach is implemented. 

This article was a follow-on to the above article and proceeds to describe the emerging SPICE (ISO15504) standard in detail.

It also describes:

How we worked in cooperation with the Software Quality Institute (Australia)

Our introduction of the standard and methodology

Our training approach

Our assessment approach 

The outcomes we achieved.

We describe the experience within an overall guiding framework I call the 3Ps: People - Process - Product, which I taught as part of the overall staff induction training and was a basis for quality focus when developing company processes and procedures, and for improvement activities.