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FASNACHT 2007 Videos and photos.

CONQUEST 2006 - Presenting Business Excellence in the Process Optimisation track. September 28th

Warsaw May 22, 2006 - I'll be in Warsaw as the invited Keynote at the 3rd Polish Software Quality Conference.

STARS keynote and an Agile software development course.

Luxembourg May 2006 - a successful STARS workshop was run at SPICE 2006.

ISO 15504 Books Available

The first books published on ISO/IEC 15504 (also known as SPICE).

They cover process assessment, improvement and industry experience. Limited copies available.

See the Improvement Books page for ordering information.

International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture 8-10 January 2006, Harbin, China

Programme committee and session chair


Nottingham Trent University - Visiting Professor Home Page.

Presentation by Han van Loon of The Mature Approach to Agility in a packed-out conference session. It proved to be one of the most popular talks in the Congress.

Proceedings: ISBN 3-9809145-3-4

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 15504 Conformant Quality System is ready.

SPIN München - Presentation of Improvement methods and factors for success (25 April 2005).

SPICE 2005 - I had two papers accepted and presented at SPICE 2005 in Klagenfurt Austria (28-29 April 2005).

One paper on Business Culture - surveyed across world wide organisations. The survey was very successful and is now incorporated into the Business Culture Survey method within Leistungs Consult as a entry point to improvement and assessment activities.

Risk based setting of Target Capability Profiles - this paper describes how to use risk as a major discriminator for selecting processes and process capability levels. It has been incorporated into the Team Based Business Design Improvement method - known as TBBDI Risk. It provides a business or industry with a way to mitigate risk by better process selection and management, hence optimise business needs, minimise risk and maximise ROI (Return on Investment). I ran the initial study project for ESA and it proved very successful. TBBDI Risk takes the next step to apply it to any business. Talk to me if you want to know the advantages of this method.

In addition, I was on the panel for the Process Assessor versus eXtreme Programming discussion - interested readers should look at my books for further information on this topic - which I discussed with Kent Beck in some detail.

Formal inauguration as a Visiting Professor at Nottingham Trent University

Subject: Computer Science Volume 3412 / 2005 Title: COTS-Based Software Systems: 4th International Conference, ICCBSS 2005, Bilbao, Spain, February 7-11, 2005. Proceedings Editors: Xavier Franch, Daniel Port ISBN: 3-540-24548-0

Article published: Reuse of Existing Software in Space Projects — Proposed Approach and Extensions to Product Assurance and Software Engineering Standards

Manuel Rodríguez , Joăo Gabriel Silva , Patricia Rodríguez-Dapena , Han van Loon and Fernando Aldea-Montero

Springer-Verlag GmbH ISSN: 0302-9743

In continuing my leading publishing role as an authority on process assessment and ISO/IEC15504 in particular, an article I wrote was published in SEA National Newsletter in December.


Go here for the Cultural Survey Results including graphs

If you have not yet participated, I welcome your input: Take the survey

QUATIC 2004 - Quality the Bridge to the future in ICT

5th Conference for Quality in Information and Communications Technology. Porto - Portugal

I just returned from the QUATIC 2004 conference in Porto, Portugal where I was an invited speaker. My hosts at the Institute for Quality in Portugal took good care of me. I also was on the panel for Managing IT and presented a highly appreciated tutorial on STARS. Participants indicated a desire to learn more and I hope to return. Many thanks to Fernando and Rafael for their invitation and support.

QUATIC2004 Paper on Organisational Maturity and Assessment

Cultural Survey launched on Knowledge Board.

I have formulated an organisational culture survey. It looks at people, process, improvement, innovation and organisational cultural factors. This is being hosted until 8th September 2004 at Knowledge Board. go to:

Visiting Professorship

I have been awarded a Visiting Professorship at The Nottingham Trent University. Nottingham, UK.

I am looking forward to cooperating with the University in research areas and lecturing in my special areas of expertise. Many thanks to Barry Hull, the Dean of Engineering and Daizhong Su for their sponsoring me through the accreditation process.

Process Assessment books due out at the start of October!

Contact me for pre-publication orders: Email

Process Assessment, Improvement and Culture

New books about the emerging ISO/IEC 15504 standard and how to apply it to benefit your organization.

Background: The SPICE project has completed its activities to produce an international standard for process assessment. The standard is 'called' ISO/IEC15504 and after initially being written as a standard for software process assessment has been expanded to allow process assessment of any process in an organisation The recently approved International Standard can be used by trained assessors to assess how well a process meets its purpose through specified outcomes and how well the process is managed. The management aspects is expressed through a Capability dimension - on a scale of zero (0) to five (5), representing increasing control, management and improvement.

I have been working on a book about ISO/IEC15504 with plans to publish in the middle of 2004 (at the end of the summer). The book has multiple goals:

Act as a reference book about the ISO/IEC15504 standard for new readers.

Provide insight into the use of the standard for assessors, quality professionals and management.

Provide a review of the current status of the process assessment within industry and government

Provide guidance on how to use the standard for improvement and capability determination

The manuscripts are complete and I am delighted to announce that Kluwer Academic Publishers will be bringing the books out late summer.

This is the first book written on the standard and it is expected to become the preferred reference and guide book for people interested in process assessment and improvement.

European Space Agency - Project Success!

I have just finished a project of the product assurance for software reuse for ESA. With the project partners, we presented the final results in November.

The project looked at how ESA can make best use of software reuse and covered 6 major disciplines including process modeling, process assessment, quality models, risk management, RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) and Certification. As the space industry is generally driven by safety and reliability concerns, it has not embraced reuse without proper Product Assurance methods to apply. This project successfully addresses their concerns and the appropriate methods and we expect to see reuse on the increase!


European Space Agency - New Project due to take off !

I have just finished negotiating a new project with ESA to set Target Capability Profiles for software contractors baszed on Software Criticality.

The project will look at how capable contractors needs to be to efficiently and effectively develop software for space mission and safety critical projects.

We are working with some of the largest European Space prime contractors (as our subcontracted partners) so that the results will be based upon our specific in-depth knowledge of ISO/IEC15504 and their years of experience developing and delivering space software projects.


Daizhong Su, Heiko Duin and myself hosted a track with three sessions at the CE2003 conference in Madeira Portugal from 26th to 30th July with great success. The conference was well attended with many interesting papers presented.

Track: Networked Business and Virtual Project Teams in Dynamic Collaborative Networks

Chair: Han van Loon Co-Chair: Daizhong Su Session: Collaborative Networks Chair: Han van Loon

Session: Virtual Project Teams Chair: Daizhong Su CO-Chair:

Papers presented: STARS - A concept for Virtual Project Teams, Mind the eGAP in SMEs (with Patricio diNicola)

The EuroSTARS consortium delivered the MIND project proposal to the EU on time for the 1st call. The proposal comprised over 55 partners in a wide variety of roles.

The proposal succeeded in passing the first level assessment and was invited to the hearings earlier this year. The hearings had both positive and negative results - we were applauded for our presentation, but unfortunately our aims in terms of the research into Information Society Technologies did not match the European unions exact wishes and we were not successful in achieving funding (the target was 14M EURO). Of the 77 projects submitted, 10 were selected for the hearings and 5 were funded. On the positive side, the work of the consortium was of great use to the partners and many interesting potential areas for further research proposals were initiated.

We hope to use parts of the proposal and proposal team for future EU proposals.

I would like to thank the partners for their contributions, especially the core team partners:

Daizhong Su, The Nottingham Trent University

Josef Hochgerner - Centre for Social innovation

Kulle Tarnov - Estonian Business School

Heiko Duin - BIBA Bremen

Elke Dall -Technikon

Zenobia Weiss - PUT Poznan

Andrey Girenko - Eurice

. .