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Workshops, Presentations and Training

The following are a sample of the workshops, training and consulting we provide. These offerings can be tailored to suit your organization.  Some of these are offered in conjunction with Synspace AG.

A brief synopsis of the topics covered is provided as an indication of areas covered. 

Outsourcing Software Development and Support See Outsourcing Super Man for a skills view

  Outsourcing projects and products
  Outsourcing preparation
  • Acquisition preparation and Request For Proposals
  • Contractor selection
  • Contractual preparation, negotiation and review
  Performing outsourcing activities
  • Initiation and planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Assessing and approving contractor plans and processes
  Managing outsourcing
  • Creating cooperative teams
  • Monitoring performance
  • Corrective action
  • Shared vision and goals
  • Motivation in own organization
  • Using experience gained to improve
  • Incremental outsourcing, project by project
  International issues
  • Business culture
  • Temporal issues (handling time zone differences)
  • Cultural liaison activities

Software Maintenance

  Software maintenance as part of overall software activities
  • Project oriented process
  • Continuous maintenance programs 
Maintenance planning
  • Relationship to overall software planning
  • Planning focus
  • Specific activities and documentation 
Maintenance scenarios
  • Adapting the process to suit particular software products and circumstances
Roles, responsibilities, interfaces and activities
  • Product management and product lines
  • Maintenance
  • Project Managers
  • Integration with new development
  Maintenance documents needed to maintain useful information
Control mechanisms
  • Project control
  • Product control, CM, QA,
  • Release management

Business Culture

  What comprises culture in general and Business Culture in particular
  • Cultural artifacts
  • Behaviors
  • Norms
  • Values
  • Assumptions
  • Beliefs
Cultural Dimensions
  • What are some recognizable dimensions
  • Dimensions as a continuum
  • How each cultural dimension affects behavior, norms and values
  • Reconciling  the dimensional aspects
Applying cultural awareness in the Business environment
  • Inside the organization
  • With external organizations.
Using cultural awareness to optimize your business
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Working with diverse people, rather than against them

SPICE Training


What is SPICE (ISO15504)

  • Software Process Improvement aspects
  • Software Process Capability Evaluation

The process dimension

  • Generic model for software using or developing organizations
  • Industry specific models

The capability dimension

  • 6 levels of capability
  • What each level means
  • How each level reflect business practice

Assessment using ISO15504

  • Rating the organization
  • Using the results for improvements

Business Process Mapping

  • Alternative approach to improvement
  • Tailoring processes and assessment

Leveraging external Best Practice and internal practice

Team Based Business Design Improvement


Applying SPICE to projects


Business Process mapping

  • Cooperative process understanding
  • Non assessment
  • Learning focus

Using the SPICE as a source of ideas to apply to organization processes

  • Business focus first
  • Innovative improvement
  • Continual improvement
  • Designing processes with built-in high capability levels
  • Shaping team and individual attitudes to process creation and use

Tailoring an assessment model for evaluating implemented processes

  • Ongoing consolidation and feedback
  • Continuous improvement

Project and Process Management

  Understanding the application of Project versus Process Management
  • Projects versus programs (and processes)
  • Optimizing each aspect
  • Tailoring to your organization
  Project Management 
  • When is using a project the best approach
  • Project Planning
  • Project work breakdown and allocation
  • Resource management
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Impropvement
Managing High Technology Projects
  • Characteristics of high technology projects
  • What aspects most reward your efforts
  • Common problems but not common solution
Process Management
  • Process creation and description
  • Applying the right process model
  • Tailoring processes
  • Improving processes
  • Product management

Getting the Best from People Process and Product

  The People - Process - Product model
  • Understanding the interactions
  • Optimizing each aspect
  • Relationship to your organization
  • Training and learning opportunities

Using the model to simplify

  • Recognizing and avoiding Pitfalls and Problems
  • Implications for process management
  • When to use a product rather than describe a process
  • Getting the best from People
  • Holistic synergy

Operations Management is offered at MBA level at the University of Business and International Studies

For further details, please contact us.