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Cultural Survey


Surveying the status of organizational culture, improvement and innovation in the SPICE and Knowledge Management communities.

Initial survey results

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Survey Details

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The survey was run over 3 weeks during September and October at KnowledgeBoard , a respected knowledge community web based forum. The survey was advertised on the KnowledgeBoard web site and also via email to the SPICE 2004 attendees, and other known process assessment community participants.

The survey gathered 124 responses.

The response data was cleaned, this consisted of:

After data cleaning, there were 105 valid responses. These responses represent over 100 different organisations (there were a couple of respondents from the same organisation). In a couple of questions, there were no responses, so the number of responses varies between 103 and 105.

The questions mostly used a five-point ordinal scale, except for 2 questions that used a six-point scale.

While the data used for analysis represents attributable data from the respondents, the usual caveats for this type of survey apply.

The survey questions

The survey questions included some questions that attempted to cross correlate the same issue while not totally redundant. There were also some explicit cultural dimension questions (e.g. organisational hierarchy, decision making, gaining management support).

    1. How important are knowledge workers to the success of the organisation?
    2. How important are process specialists to the success of the organisation?
    3. Is the organisation vision and mission lived by people or more remote?
    4. To what extent are employees informed about overall business objectives and processes, running projects and their results?
    5. How easily accessible is this information?
    6. To what extent are employees informed about innovation and improvement?
    7. How easily accessible is this information?
    8. Are there any forms of informal communication (peer to peer communication)?
    9. Is improvement-focused conduct promoted/supported/rewarded?
    10. How would you rate the commitment and active participation of personnel doing the work (for example, software practitioners, service staff) in defining and improving practices?
    11. How would you rate the need for process specialists in helping to define and improve practices?
    12. How important is process-related training of the employees in your company?
    13. How would you see the approach to process improvement in your company: is it focused on individuals or teams to proceed?
    14. Is innovative behaviour promoted/supported/rewarded?
    15. Is risk of failure recognised and tolerated as part of innovative behaviour
    16. Are innovations directed from management or can they be proposed and developed by people at all levels of their organisation?
    17. Does the organisation look outside for new knowledge, improvements or innovations to learn and use?
    18. Do processes within your organisation work for or against innovation?
    19. How easy is it to gain resources, support and privileges from management for improvement or innovative activities?
    20. Are there activities in order to improve the capabilities of employees, for example through training, job rotation (personal development)?
    21. How would you rate hierarchy in the organisation?
    22. How would you rate the decision-making approach in your organisation?
    23. Why are people rewarded?
    24. How are people rewarded?
    25. How would you describe your organisation?

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If you would like a printable report or specific comparative profiling for your organisation versus the surveyed organisations, please email me.

© Han van Loon 2004
November 2004.

Han van Loon