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Our vision is to help our clients achieve world-class performance


Our mission is to offer our clients specific consulting services to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We do this by working closely with our clients to understand their environment, their specific needs, wants and desires. We can offer management consulting covering strategic consulting to practical detailed implementation consulting and change management, avia quality improvement and innovation.






Our consulting is focused on helping organisations change - either to implement goals they already desire to achieve, or by helping them formulate new strategic directions and then collaboratively investigating and devising suggestions for change. Since business environment and culture has a dramatic influence on how change is discovered, assessed and implemented, we provide information and knowledge that investigates and highlights this influence so that our clients are able to recognise barriers and enablers to change. This encompases all three aspects that shape business and interact to provide an organisation with its unique business culture and its strategic competitive advantage: namely its people, process and products. The holistic view of business enables clients to assess which change agents to employ in combination.

The need for improvement and innovative change is related to a short and long term return on investment performance that clients wish to achieve. Thus we prefer to tailor solutions to meet the client's specific needs that match their desire for return of their investment in improvement and innovation.

Han van Loon

Principal Consultant

..Leistungs ..Consult

People matter

Performance matters

ISO9001 and ISO 15504 Conformant Quality System

We are offer our services on a consulting basis - either fixed price, daily rate or hourly rate, with a number of services available specifically focused on innovations included in STARS.

STARS Concept Workshop The workshop introduces the STARS Concept to participants using "a voyage of discovery" approach, grounded in the participants personal viewpoints on quality.
Tailored STARS Workshops As each organization has unique aspects, there is an exploratory phase to define the issues most of relevance (strategic business aspects).    This is followed by a workshop (or series of workshops) that tailors or reshapes the STARS concept and its Themes and Stages to represent a STARS model best suited to the particular organization
STARS Webworx Workshops STARS Webworx has been designed to be tailored. This workshop is performed with the designated expert users who will maintain the organization's  STARS Model. The model in Webworx is tailored to suit the organization and the types of projects it performs.


In addition, we can provide a wide range of experienced and practical consulting in the following areas:

Business Culture

Outsourcing Software Activities See: Outsourcing Super Man

Software Maintenance

SPICE (ISO15504) Training

Applying SPICE (Process Improvement) and Best Practice

Getting the Best from People Process Product

Project and Process Management

For more information on the above workshops, see also GeneralWorkshops:

Some of the above services are provided in conjunction with partners.

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We are happy to quote Consulting rates on a daily rate or fixed overall price depending on your needs.

If you would like more information, please contact Han van Loon via phone on +41 79 263 8039 or E:mail Han van Loon.